Boku wins Best Aggregator at Global Billing Summit

Global Carrier Billing Summit is an annual event that was held this past week in London where industry leaders and influencers gathered to discuss the future of carrier billing. Besides technology companies like Boku, attendees represented a wide mix of companies ranging from digital giants like Google and Microsoft, to telco conglomerates like Telefonica and Telenor. It was in front of this audience where Boku had the honor of being named “Best Aggregator”.

According to the award committee, “The best 2018 aggregator award will be awarded to the vendor that has the most innovative DCB offering. This will be a diversified product offering that is effective, competitive and innovative. They have contributed to the developments of the direct carrier billing market with innovative features including major competitive differentiators.”

In addition to receiving the award, Boku CEO Jon Prideaux delivered a keynote presentation explaining why large scale aggregators play such a critical role in transforming individual carriers into a global network of interconnected technology and services. Jon also participated in a Q&A where he shared his thoughts on the role mobile apps will play in shaping the future of carrier billing.

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