Boku is attending WN Conference in Istanbul

WN Conference for game developers and publishers will take place in a few days – this means that Boku’s team will meet video game industry decision-makers around the world in Istanbul to share knowledge, learn from the best and discuss key trends in and around gaming.  

The offline event for video game professionals will occur in Istanbul on June 7-8. Organizers expect the offline event to attract around 800 people, including developers, publishers, investors, as well as representatives of game platforms and funds. 1000 more participants will attend WN MENA’22 via a digital online platform for developers and other gaming industry professionals.

But where does Boku stand in the world of gaming? Many of Boku’s biggest clients are gaming companies, such as Tencent & PUBG, Riot Games, Sony PS and Microsoft Xbox.  Boku supports the gaming Industry with local payment methods (LPMs) for example rapidly growing eWallets (Alipay, WeChat Pay, Go-Pay, Kakao Pay, PayPay, Paga and many others), real time payments networks (UPI, Pix, PromptPay, etc) and established payment methods, like direct carrier billing, which continue to be the largest local payment method for digital commerce in many markets such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea and throughout MEA.

In regions such as SEA, LATAM, and especially MEA, credit card penetration is low which means that for any kind of digital goods, local payment methods are in high demand. This is where Boku helps to fill this gap for global companies who want to penetrate those markets or who are already present in those markets, but want to benefit from their full market potential. Boku helps these companies monetise through local payment methods for users who otherwise would not have been able to pay.

In the gaming segment, however, Europe is also quite an interesting market. Although credit card penetration is high, gamers still often prefer to pay via local payment methods, such as direct carrier billing.

The reason? When gamers want to make a microtransaction in the middle of a game, searching for credit card details is a hassle. The convenience direct carrier billing offers removes these distractions from gamers with the ability to complete a transaction within 20 seconds with just their mobile number.  

Any business that’s directly dealing with monetisation knows that eliminating friction in the purchase flow is one of the most important aspects to increasing conversion rate. All it takes to tap into the global unbanked population is one easy integration which will help to see increased revenues and end-user acquisition.

Taking part in events like the WN Conference allows Boku’s team to meet with industry colleagues.  Let’s get in touch, we look forward to seeing you there.  

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