Unified SDK Update: Q4 2021 Launches of Mobile Wallets

What has the team been working on over the last quarter?

In Q4, we made 7 new mobile wallets available on Unified SDK. Our merchants can now collect payments from 213 million additional users of Touch’n’Go Malaysia, Grab Malaysia, Grab Singapore, KakaoPay Korea, OVO Indonesia, Rabbit LinePay Thailand and MoMo Vietnam.

Overall in 2021, we added 25 new mobile wallets to Unified SDK.

Considering the best way to scale up your mobile wallet coverage in 2022? Here are two reasons to do it by using Boku’s Unified SDK.

One simple integration for all mobile wallets

Integration Simplicity Diagram Fortumo Unified Sdk

Unified SDK gives merchants access to all Boku’s carrier billing and mobile wallet connections. Unified SDK manages the end-to-end checkout flow of all payment methods supported. This makes launching many connections through one integration simple and scalable.

Unified SDK does not need an API integration or usage of custom product library packages. Instead, merchants only generate a link including a JWT token with the required information about the payment. With Unified SDK, there’s no starting from scratch when you add a new payment method.

For mobile wallets, merchants often also need to host a page before directing their user to the wallet. This can be for example to display the deep link QR code, or asking the user for their phone number. Unified SDK removes the need to build these custom flows as as all the wallet-specific flows are managed inside Unified SDK.

This means new payment connections are very simple to add. Once Unified SDK is integrated, it requires either 0 or 1 additional line of code to include a new payment connection.

New connection launches don’t only need to be simple and scalable. They also need to work. End-to-end testing is something that merchants are often left on their own with. At Boku, we work together with merchants on this to make sure the integration is functional.

Recurring payments built-in for mobile wallets

Subscription Payments Mobile Wallets Fortumo Unified Sdk 1

In some discussions with merchants, we’ve discovered the misconception that mobile wallets don’t provide subscription (tokenized) payments. To clear up the confusion: all the wallets in Boku’s network support subscription payments out of the box.

We’ve also built Unified SDK with recurring payments in mind. Some of our largest merchants are subscription-based businesses (music & video streaming). This means we’ve developed several features for Unified SDK to take full advantage of recurring payments.

The main feature to highlight is our Subscription Engine, which handles user management and recurring payments on behalf of merchants. Other noteworthy features for subscription payments included in Unified SDK are free trials capabilities, built-in renewal retries and a grace period logic.

Whether you’re looking to expand your mobile wallet payment coverage with one-time payments or subscriptions, Unified SDK provides a simple way to do that. If you’re interested in learning more on how to launch, get in touch.

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