BlueVia Launches a Global Payment API with Boku

August 29, 2011

More big news for merchants and developers! Today, Boku announced a partnership with Telefónica’s BlueVia (one of the largest carriers in the world with ~300MM subscribers) allowing developers and merchants to link in-app payments to mobile operator bills without additional authentication. Translation: Easier integration, shorter transaction times, higher conversion rates.

Our goal is to provide developers the opportunity to greatly expand their revenue through in-app purchases. In-app purchases help create a seamless experience so that the customer never needs to leave the game or app in order to complete a transaction. Upon integration, this agreement allows purchasing with no need to collect credit cards, financial information, user login, or registration through a third-party website.

Together, Boku & BlueVia’s goal is to increase conversion rates to merchants while providing a seamless and secure purchase experience. Special thanks to all the engineers and their enduring families for making it all possible.

Also, since the news broke this morning, a couple of folks in the press have picked up the story and run with it, including and AllThingsD. If you want to read our official press release, you can see it here.

Below is a short video introduces the new BlueVia billing API which allows developers to link in-app payments to the mobile bill of Telefonica customers. From today, you can go to the BlueVia website and access the Payment API:

Introducing the new Boku Payment API from BlueVia on Vimeo.

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