Partner Relationship Manager

Middle East

<div class="content-intro"><p>Boku Inc. (BOKU.L) is the leading global provider of local mobile-first payments solutions. Global brands including Amazon, DAZN, Meta, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Sony, Spotify, and Tencent rely on Boku to reach millions of new paying consumers who do not use credit cards with our purpose-built payment network of more than 250 local payment methods that reach 7 billion accounts across 65 countries. Every year, Boku processes over $9 billion in value for our customers. Incorporated in 2008, Boku is headquartered in London and San Francisco and has employees in over 39 countries around the world, including Brazil, China, Estonia, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Singapore, and the UAE. Boku is a truly global company that takes pride in its diversity and thriving equal opportunity workplace.</p></div><div class="p-workspace__primary_view_body"> <div class="p-message_pane p-message_pane--classic-nav p-message_pane--scrollbar-float-adjustment p-message_pane--with-bookmarks-bar p-message_pane--with-bookmarks-bar-open" data-qa="message_pane"> <div> <div> <div class="c-virtual_list c-virtual_list--scrollbar c-message_list c-message_list--floating c-scrollbar c-scrollbar--fade"> <div class="c-scrollbar__hider" data-qa="slack_kit_scrollbar"> <div class="c-scrollbar__child"> <div class="c-virtual_list__scroll_container" data-qa="slack_kit_list"> <div id="1706773877.724349" class="c-virtual_list__item" data-qa="virtual-list-item" data-item-key="1706773877.724349"> <div class="c-message_kit__background p-message_pane_message__message c-message_kit__message p-message_pane_message__message--last" data-qa="message_container" data-qa-unprocessed="false" data-qa-placeholder="false"> <div class="c-message_kit__hover" data-qa-hover="true"> <div class="c-message_kit__actions c-message_kit__actions--default"> <div class="c-message_kit__gutter"> <div class="c-message_kit__gutter__right" data-qa="message_content"> <div class="c-message_kit__blocks c-message_kit__blocks--rich_text"> <div class="c-message__message_blocks c-message__message_blocks--rich_text" data-qa="message-text"> <div class="p-block_kit_renderer" data-qa="block-kit-renderer"> <div class="p-block_kit_renderer__block_wrapper p-block_kit_renderer__block_wrapper--first"> <div class="p-rich_text_block"> <div class="p-rich_text_section">We're looking for an experienced <strong data-stringify-type="bold">Partner Relations Manager</strong> to join our Expansion Team in Middle East (Egypt/Jordan/Saudi Arabia) and manage the relations with the carriers and mobile wallet providers around the region.Boku is the global leader in mobile payments. We empower our customers to monetize, streamline and secure mobile consumer transactions in over 90 countries worldwide, partnering with some of the most successful digital merchants including Netflix, Facebook, Google, Sony, Spotify, amongst others. Boku’s mobile-first payments network combines carrier billing and mobile wallets, giving consumers more ways to pay.<br><strong data-stringify-type="bold">Boku </strong>is listed on London Stock Exchange’s AIM market (AIM: BOKU) and headquartered in San Francisco & London, with offices in Brazil, China, Estonia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, and Vietnam. We are a truly global company proud of our diversity, with a thriving equal opportunity workplace.As a rapidly growing company and team, Boku is looking for candidates who are ready for an exciting, international, and rewarding career experience to join our team.</div> <div class="p-rich_text_section"> </div> <div class="p-rich_text_section"><strong data-stringify-type="bold">JOB SPECIFICATIONS:</strong></div> <div class="p-rich_text_section"> <ul> <li>Manage the day-to-day partner relationships for a regional portfolio</li> <li>Monitor and follow up on pending issues and recommend appropriate action.</li> <li>Analyze and monitor specific KPIs related to the connections and merchants’ activity</li> <li>Support Business Development in the pre-sales phase, working cross-functionally with Legal, Compliance and Finance departments</li> <li>Collaborate with the Commercial team for launching new merchants</li> <li>Prepare periodical business reviews</li> </ul> </div> <div class="p-rich_text_section"><strong data-stringify-type="bold"><br>JOB SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS:</strong></div> <div class="p-rich_text_section"> <ul> <li>Bachelor's Degree in a related field</li> <li>Equivalent experience (3+ years), ideally in payments/fintech/e-commerce or relevant B2B background, with proven ability to upsell</li> <li>Relevant experience supporting technical partnerships and/or integrations</li> <li>Arabic native speaker with excellent English skills</li> <li>Good communicator – must enjoy working with community of internal stakeholders and external business partners</li> <li>Strong presentations skills and analytical skills. Proficiency in PowerPoint and Excel</li> <li>Experience with BI (e.g. Tableau) and JIRA is a plus<br><br><strong data-stringify-type="bold">WE OFFER YOU:</strong></li> <li>Stock options for publicly listed Boku Inc</li> <li>Home Office equipment budget</li> <li>Remote contract with strong flexibility about working in the office</li> <li>Exciting possibility to work with the well-known names on the banking/ internet/ digital/ mobile/ gaming industry</li> <li>Personal development, growth & learning opportunities in a motivated, talented, and international team</li> <li>Independence to define your role: the freedom to act and take responsibility</li> <li>Variety of learning & development opportunities and much more</li> </ul> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="c-scrollbar__track"> <div class="c-scrollbar__bar"> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="resize-triggers"> <div class="expand-trigger"> <div> </div> </div> <div class="contract-trigger"> </div> </div> </div> </div> <div class="workspace__primary_view_footer p-workspace__primary_view_footer--float"> <div class="p-message_pane_input" data-qa="message_input_container"> <div class="p-message_pane_input_inner"> <div class="p-message_pane_input_inner_top"> </div> <div class="p-message_pane_input_inner_main"> <div class="p-workspace__input p-message_input_unstyled"> <div class="p-message_input__input_container_unstyled c-wysiwyg_container c-wysiwyg_container--theme_light c-wysiwyg_container--with_footer c-wysiwyg_container--theme_light_bordered c-wysiwyg_container--with_floating_toolbar c-basic_container c-basic_container--size_medium"> <div class="c-basic_container__body"> <div class="" data-qa=""> </div> <div class="c-texty_input_unstyled__container c-texty_input_unstyled__container--size_medium c-texty_input_unstyled__container--multi_line c-texty_input_unstyled__container--no_actions" data-buttons="0"> <div class="c-texty_input_unstyled ql-container" data-qa="message_input" data-message-input="true" data-channel-id="D03P4Q0SGF5" data-view-context="Channel" data-min-lines="1"> <div class="ql-editor ql-blank" data-gramm="false" data-team-id="E055KH3E126" data-input-metric-boundary="composer"> <p> </p> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div> </div>

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