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Make smarter business decisions with the industry’s leading end-to-end identity verification solution

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The Strongest Network

We combine deterministic signals from mobile operators & authoritative sources so you can act confidently

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The Widest Reach

We’ve invested $100 million over 10 years building a global network so you don’t have to

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The Best Customer Experience

We give your best customers a frictionless experience so you can stop worrying about costs and start focusing on growth


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Boku Identity
Built on the belief that there should be no trade-off between the security of your business and your customer’s experience

In an era when consumer awareness of how their personal data is handled is at an all-time high, Boku Identity protects individuals and businesses by ensuring that identity verifications are only performed with consumer consent.

Using privacy-by-design principles, the Boku Platform is architected to create a Verified-ID (VID) Token and return only a Confidence Score, which protects individual privacy and effectively solves fraud and risk use cases.

boku id token

Identity Token

boku confidence score

Confidence Score

The Boku Platform uses intelligence gathered from Boku Payments and Boku Identity to verify authentic user information from mobile operators and other authoritative sources. All user data is accessed in a secure and private manner with appropriate mobile operator approval and end user consent. Boku Identity applies this intelligence to deliver deterministic signals, unmatched global scale and a feedback loop that fortifies identities in real time.
Boku Identity: Proceed with Confidence

Identity is not one-size-fits-all. Boku Identity manages Tokenized Identities and Confidence Scores that can be applied to use cases across industries

boku account takeovers

Account Takeovers (ATOs)

Monitor account, network and device changes from returning users in real-time

boku identity theft

Identity Theft

Combat synthetic identities with real-time mismatch analysis collated from the Boku Platform

boku trial

Promotion Abuse

Identify and prevent suspicious actors from taking advantage of new user offers in growth markets

boku compliance


Boku Identity complies with TCPA, HIPPA, SCA/PSD2, and other federal & local regulations

boku two factor authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

Silently verify user phone numbers during app sign-ups, logins and high-value transactions

“The level of mobile identity Danal [now Boku] is able to provide to Western Union, utilizing real-time mobile network and account data, will enable us to better protect our customers and validate customer information”

– Abhinav Gupta, Director of Fraud Product and Strategy, Western Union

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