Boku Inc.

At Boku, we have four key values that guide our approach to business, as well as, each other.

We seek to develop an entrepreneurial and supportive culture across our business which means that these values are integral to everything we do.


We understand that Boku’s success depends on its people and working together is key.

A mix of cultures, viewpoints and experiences are vital for a global company like ours and every person’s contribution is valued.

Pick up the phone, walk across the office and share information openly. Welcome other’s opinions and ideas. We are all on the same team and in most scenarios, over communication is preferred to radio silence!

Be Flexible

Boku is committed to an empowering working environment and we consider communication our most powerful tool to organize ourselves, align expectations, and ensure meeting deadlines.

We often resolve issues under pressure as Boku’s platform is used in the biggest digital marketplaces, but sometimes things go wrong. We believe in learning from our mistakes through an honest evaluation of what went wrong to ensure they are not repeated.

Assume Positive Intent

At Boku, being positive and open is crucial. Everyone comes to the table with their best intentions and we always think of the customer first! Being a team player means trusting and respecting each other and encouraging others to do the same.

We are dedicated to honesty and integrity when it comes to our clients, employees and other stakeholders. This is why our motto is “aim to make promises that you can keep and keep the promises that you make!”

Be Ambitious

We want to attract and retain the best entrepreneurial talent and we know that means having a culture our employees can be proud of.

Boku has a quarterly management and peer-review process and you are encouraged to display initiative and take an active role in defining your career path.
We are building a great big global payment network. Aim for (modest) world domination.