Boku Inc.

Boku was founded in 2009 by Mark Britto, Erich Ringwald and Ron Hirson. It acquired two UK companies, Mobillcash and Paymo, which had been pioneers in carrier billing.


Boku was founded by Mark Britto, Erich Ringewald and Ron Hirson. In that year, Boku acquired two UK companies, Mobillcash and Paymo, and using their combined assets, launched Boku Checkout, a web hosted payment panel that allows consumers to enter their phone number and charge online purchases against their prepaid airtime or monthly phone bill. The product has supported purchases in as many as 79 countries and continues to be used by major online game platforms operated by Facebook, Riot Games, and Blizzard Entertainment.


Boku acquired Qubecell, an Indian carrier billing company that served as the foundation of what would become a major technology centre employing dozens of carrier engineers and network operation personnel.


Boku introduced carrier billing onto the game console through its partnership with Sony PlayStation. For the first time, consumers could purchase games, movies, and television shows in their living room using nothing more than their mobile number.


Boku acquired mopay, its principal competitor in the PC gaming sector and further cemented its market leading position for carrier billing in that segment.


Boku begins a global roll out of its second generation carrier billing product, Boku Account. Unlike its predecessor which required consumers to enter their mobile number on each purchase, Boku Account allows consumers to save their mobile number to an account and designate it as their default payment method for all future purchases and recurring charges. Boku Account supports carrier billed payments for leading digital retailers such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Spotify.


Boku launched its latest product Boku Acquire, which provides merchants access to a mobile operator’s ability to market and sell third party apps and services to their subscriber base. Unlike purchases made online or through an app store, consumers can readily bundle value added services such as music/video streaming, anti-virus software, handset insurance or cloud storage directly onto an existing mobile plan.


For the first time, Boku Account exceeds $1B in payment volume in a single year.
November 20th, Boku has a successful IPO on the London’s AIM Market.


Boku acquires Danal on January 1st
Total processed volume exceeds $5bn with a high of $500m in one month
Revenue exceeds $50m for the first time


Boku adds 2 million new users in April