Oct 12, 2011

A survey of 2500 wireless device owners* by Strategy Analytics recently found that consumers prefer operator billing for mobile content purchasing.  We’ve known this for some time based on internal studies but now Strategy Analytics is backing us up with their own independent research.

According to a report released in December, consumers in the United States and Western Europe prefer to pay for content via operator billing to traditional credit card payment systems.

When paying for mobile content, 40% of survey respondents claimed an interest in paying via operator billing.   That’s compared to 20% of respondents who voiced an interest in paying with a traditional credit card.  That translates into twice as many people preferring the operator billing option to traditional credit cards.

The market research report went on to say that consumers prefer to pay for mobile content outright versus paying a monthly fee for access.   The partiality for purchasing content was high across all age groups in both the United States and Western Europe and across users of all types of devices (Apple, Android, RIM, etc).

So what have we learned?

1 . Consumers are twice as interested in operator billing as using traditional credit/debit cards.

2. Consumers prefer to pay outright for content rather than pay monthly fees.

3. Boku is uniquely positioned to give consumers the payment option they prefer.

The data shows that mobile payments are poised to gain even greater traction amongst Western European and US consumers, which means more transactions and higher revenue for Boku and our partners.

With connections across 240+ carriers in 66 counties, merchants around the world can increase conversion rates and drive increased revenue.   We have the infrastructure and now you have the data.  Consumers prefer carrier billing.   Let us know how we can help get you started.

* In August 2010 Strategy Analytics surveyed 1500 wireless device owners in Western Europe, and a 1000 in the US via web survey.