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Mobile Authentication

Mobile Authentication will protect you against account takeovers (ATOs) that target your customer’s phone number by streamlining your methods for verifying mobile number possession.
Instead of sending one-time passcodes (OTPs) that can be stolen or forcing users to implement complicated app based solutions, Mobile Authentication will verify mobile number possession directly on the device by using its built-in connectivity to the mobile operators’ wireless network. The solution is both seamless and secure.
Mobile Authentication will reduce user friction while providing the best possible defence against the threat of ATOs.

If you rely on SMS OTPs for…

  • For account login (including 2-Factor Authentication flows)
  • For password resets and other high risk activities
  • For account registration

Digital Identity Proofing

Digital Identity Proofing will verify a user’s name, address, and most importantly – phone number. Why is phone number important? Because synthetic IDs used to impersonate real identities will rely on an impostrous phone number. And unlike home addresses, physical id documents, or even biometrics, once phone number ownership is verified, a secondary phone number possession check can be confirmed remotely and immediately without any prior set up. This enables a 2-factor id verification process that is both simple and instantaneous.

Digital Identity Proofing is the perfect solution for protecting against synthetic or stolen identities and can be used by 
  • Online communities and marketplaces that value trust and safety
  • Financial institutions and online businesses that want a simple way to screen users before expensive KYC verifications

Digital Identity Proofing offers a low cost, preliminary measure for screening out dubious customer accounts.

Online impersonation is getting too easy.
We need to act.

Download our white paper to find out how Boku can provide you with a better way to protect against this risk.

Over 70% of SMS OTP compromises are the result of stolen OTPs

Mobile Signals

Mobile Signals will help identify suspicious phone numbers that may either be fraudulent or compromised. Has the phone number recently been reassigned to a new SIM? Is the phone number a virtual number or a forwarded number? By checking various real time phone number characteristics, Boku can help you determine whether any further security measures should be undertaken before allowing the phone number to be used.

If you are any business that uses phone numbers as a form of unique ID to:

  • Create new accounts
  • Deliver sensitive information
  • Authenticate the user

Mobile Signals are there to help you determine whether the number is sufficiently reliable and trustworthy before using it.

Why Boku Identity?

Best International Coverage Through One API
Regulatory Compliant Zero Knowledge Solution
Preferred Identity Platform Among Global Leaders

A Global Solution For Global Companies

“The level of mobile identity Boku is able to provide to Western Union, utilizing real-time mobile network and account data, will enable us to better protect our customers and validate customer information”

– Abhinav Gupta, Director of Fraud Product and Strategy, Western Union

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