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Acquire new paying users and increase sales and payments on file with Carrier Billing and Mobile Wallets
or find out about Carrier Bundling Partnerships or Carrier Activation Services.

Carrier billing is the most accessible digital payment method worldwide. Consumers make purchases using prepaid airtime or monthly invoice, enabling anyone to pay as long as they have a mobile phone. Whether you are targeting customers on their mobile device, PC, or game console, leading online merchants like Apple, Microsoft, Sony, and Spotify have chosen Boku’s carrier billing solution because it converts hard to reach users who are unable or unwilling to use traditional payments like credit cards. The result is more paying customers and higher revenues.

Boku also offers mobile wallets as another digital payment method that has gained popularity in certain markets. Mobile wallets work similarly to carrier billing as the wallets are linked to a mobile number and its prepaid balance can be recharged using various funding sources, including cash, so users don’t need a credit card or bank account to pay.

Boku’s solution seamlessly delivers mobile payment acceptance across carrier billing and mobile wallets to ensure consumers are presented with the most suitable selection of payment options for their specific market.

Reach new customers unable or unwilling to use traditional payments without cannibalization

Compatible with standard credit card payments flows including hosted checkout, recurring subscriptions, and direct debit

Global coverage with multi-language customer support and multi-currency settlement

Best Aggregator 2018 & 2019 Global Direct Carrier Billing Awards

best aggregator award

Activate and convert new subscriptions and pay as you go services with Carrier Bundling Partnerships or Carrier Activation Services
or learn more about Carrier Billing and Mobile Wallets.

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Boku can integrate your product into carrier bundling programs, allowing mobile operators to market your service to their subscribers as an included benefit or optional add-on to their existing mobile plan. Service activation is simple because it doesn’t require users to download an app, create an account or enter payment details upfront. At the end of free or discounted trial periods, merchants have the option to use carrier billing to collect subsequent payments or transition users to another payment method.

Boku can also convert your inbound mobile traffic into new customer accounts using carrier activation services that automatically validate and register the users’ mobile number as an account ID, contact, and payment credential. This service can be integrated into online and offline marketing campaigns across social media, search media, digital ad networks, TV and print with the goal of launching as many users into their first use experience as possible. Using a verified mobile number, there is minimal risk of trial abuse. When payment is due, merchants can bill the mobile number on file or request another payment method.

User discovery enabled through co-marketing campaigns with mobile operators or merchant-led campaigns

No need for users to download app, create account or register payment credentials upfront

Limits trial abuse using an authenticated mobile identity (no spoofing)

Temporary or permanent payment method available via carrier billing

“We believe offering carrier billing is important to giving consumers a convenient payment method and driving developer monetization. We decided to work with Boku because of its team, technology and carrier relationships.”

– Todd Brix, Windows Store, General Manager