Merchant Solutions

Boku Acquire: mobile provisioning for operator led user acquisition

Traditional bundling programmes between app publishers and device manufacturers rely on having certain apps pre-installed on mobile handsets to encourage user discovery but, the paid subscription model that most apps run on means consumers must still overcome the friction of account sign up and payment registration. By comparison, mobile operators can offer their own subscribers a vertically integrated experience that seamlessly takes them from discovery to activation to monetization. Unfortunately, the enormous complexity of connecting hundreds of different merchants and operators has kept these operator led bundling programmes from scaling beyond a few bespoke implementations. Boku Acquire solves this problem by offering a single, many-to-many platform from which to launch, operate, and expand such operator bundling programmes. The result is a solution that effectively unlocks the world’s largest customer acquisition channel, reaching billions of mobile subscribers through their operator.

Boku Account: mobile authentication for frictionless user activation

For merchants who manage their own customer acquisition efforts, Boku offers a way of using mobile operators to grow the number of new customers. By authenticating the mobile number directly with the mobile operator, Boku Account makes it possible for merchants to utilize their customers’ mobile number as the user ID, contact, and payment method, eliminating the need to capture this information separately. This kind of instant sign up using a single mobile number leads to more activations and higher conversion which ultimately leads to more paying customers. Furthermore, as the mobile number continues to be used for ongoing billing activities, Boku Account will track retention, churn, and engagement to enhance any efforts around maximizing lifetime value.

Boku Checkout: carrier commerce for comprehensive user monetization

After customers make their way to the end of the conversion funnel, many are tragically lost at the checkout page because they don’t like any of the payment options. The success of Boku Checkout proves it’s not just how many payment options you have but whether or not your customer finds one that fits their need. Not everyone can or is comfortable sharing their credit/debit card number, signing up for an eWallet, or executing an online bank transfer. But everyone has a mobile phone they can use. Boku Checkout turns billions of mobile accounts around the world into a payment device that is simple to use and universally accessible. By implementing Boku Checkout, merchants eliminate any possibility of losing a customer for lack of payment options.

Operator Solutions

Boku Connect: tools and resources for faster integration into digital retail channels

As purchases for digital content continue to migrate into app stores and streaming services, operators are challenged to invest in significant development work to meet the rigorous requirements of contemporary billing flows. Furthermore, today’s digital merchants work on aggressive timelines leaving little margin for delay or error. Boku Connect delivers these merchant integrations to market more efficiently while easing the burden on operators’ engineering teams. Boku Connect includes a comprehensive set of systems and services from consultation on the solution design to the provisioning of a dedicated integration environment for implementation, testing and launch. Post-launch, these services and tools can be used to operationally help troubleshoot production issues or conduct regression testing. Boku Connect offers even more value for operators that integrate multiple merchants by standardizing merchant programmes into a uniform, well managed practice.

Boku Optimise: analytics and programmes for achieving higher revenue and lower risk

Boku Optimise helps operators drive higher revenue and lower risk across their merchant partnerships. The solution utilizes advanced data analytics around subscriber behaviour to craft smarter risk controls and more targeted engagement. Boku’s dynamic, user-specific risk rules are designed to permit more spend among low risk users while tightly restricting spend among high risk users, resulting in better overall economic performance. Operators that manage multiple merchant programmes on Boku Optimise will gain valuable insights from comparative merchant analyses and detailed drill downs into specific merchants. For Operators interested in promotional programmes to attract and retain new carrier commerce users, Boku Optimise also provides valuable business intelligence around spend profiles, conversion metrics, and retention rates to ensure the very best results.