September 10, 2014

Sony Brings Boku Mobile Billing to New Markets

u24Glc4JGamers, rejoice! Sony Network Entertainment has recently announced that it has enabled Boku direct carrier billing for their gaming portals and consoles in new markets across Europe.  Now, subscribers in the following countries can top up their account wallet using the Boku Payments Platform via Web, Mobile Web, PS3 & PS4:

Purchasing content from the PlayStation Store is now possible in more countries across more carriers making the ability to use a mobile phone number to complete a transaction even more accessible.

With Sony’s integration of of Boku, it’s now easier than ever for Sony users to purchase PlayStation Store and Sony Entertainment Network content, including downloadable games, add-ons, themes, movies and TV shows, as well as subscriptions to the Music Unlimited service.   Customers can choose “mobile” as the payment option, enter their mobile phone number, and respond via SMS to confirm the wallet top-up.  The wallet top-up charge will appear on their next mobile phone bill, or is debited against their pre-paid account.
As carrier based belong becomes more ubiquitous across Sony and in new markets, stay tuned on more news about how you can use Boku to fund the purchase of all of your digital goods and games.



June 7, 2013

Boku Brings Mobile Payments to Smart TVs with Partner PlayJam

PlayJamLogoYesterday, Boku announced a partnership with PlayJam, the premier global platform for games on TV. The partnership brings carrier billing to smart televisions and other consumer electronics around the world, including devices from Samsung, Panasonic, LGE, Vizio, Western Digital, Google TV and VESTEL.

This agreement allows more than 90 Million consumers to use their mobile phone number to purchase games, upgrades and other services on PlayJam’s global marketplace. PlayJam’s network represents over 45% of all games played on Smart TVs in over 100 territories worldwide and serves over 150 TV apps on a wide variety of CE manufacturer devices. Users can checkout simply by entering in their mobile phone number with the charges appearing on their carrier bill.

PlayJam-enabled devices offer customers access to the Boku® mobile payments platform in more than a dozen different markets, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Poland and others. The PlayJam platform SDK offers game developers an easy way to enhance and monetize their games across all Smart TV brands with features like mobile game controller application, pre-roll advertising, in-app payments, pre-paid card, save state, leaderboards, tournaments, social integration, gamer profile and more.

Thanks to everyone for making this partnership possible.  Looking forward to much success.


June 16, 2009

Boku – The standard in mobile payments

We’ve been plugging away in stealth mode these last 5 months and I am excited to announce the launch of Boku. I’ve been working in and studying payments for 20 years. The timing has become optimal for mobile as a payments option, and so I reached out to my co-founders Ron and Erich to put a team together to create what we hope will be the industry standard for mobile payments. We have a lot to announce today including our team, the funding we’ve secured, and the acquisition of the Paymo and Mobillcash businesses.


Our vision is to create the global standard for mobile payments. To go after this big and challenging opportunity requires some key ingredients.

The first is great people. Boku has been fortunate to attract team members who have done everything from building the Amazon payment platform, designing fraud engines for PayPal and creating fun (and profitable) web and mobile experiences at places like Apple and Google.

Mobile payments is a global opportunity. To serve merchants and publishers (and their customers) requires broad geographic coverage. To that end, we’re also announcing coverage in over 50 countries; so, whether you’re in Turkey or Malaysia, you can buy virtual goods using Boku.

Building a big market is hard and building it right, and at scale, is expensive. We are excited to be working with Kevin Harvey (Benchmark), Danny Rimer (Index) and David Weiden (Khosla) who are three of the most forward-thinking, and successful venture capitalists in the world. They and their firms bring decades of deep experience in revolutionary technologies, including eBay, Second Life, Skype, Tellme and Twitter. We appreciate their support and guidance in helping us build a world-class organization.

Pay by Mobile

This is what got me excited about this opportunity.


Boku is creating the standard for online payments using your mobile phone.

The relationship we all have with our mobile phones has changed in the last 2-3 years and the explosion of virtual goods and online gaming has created a market for this elegant and simple way of making online purchases.

The simpler the value proposition, the more crowded a market can become as companies shift to strike while it’s hot. But, to execute on a standard you need bank-grade payments infrastructure and a skilled operational team. To that end, we’ve acquired the Paymo and Mobillcash businesses, teams and technologies. We’re currently working on integration and extending this platform to become an easy, fast and safe way to pay online using your mobile phone. Stay tuned for more announcements here.

Follow this link for a video that shows a little about the service. I hope you like it.


We appreciate the support of our publishers, consumers and carriers. Please feel free to email me with comments or questions at mark.britto at

Mark Britto
CEO and Co-founder