When you pay by mobile,
there's no need for Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

With Boku, purchases are simply charged to your mobile.

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Merchants choose Boku because we deliver more sales

Merchants aren’t interested in payments. They are interested in sales. Boku’s carrier billing solutions help merchants sell more. In fact, merchants who introduce carrier billing to their customers will often see new sales from customers that had never previously made any purchases due to a lack of alternative payment options.

No card. No bank. No Problem.

By utilizing the source of funds that carriers have already integrated into every mobile phone (a monthly bill for post paid phones and stored credit for prepaid phones), merchants won’t need to collect any customer credit card or bank information to complete their sale. With Boku, customers simply use their mobile number to authorize their payment. Merchants who choose Boku can integrate once and begin accepting payments from virtually any mobile phone in the world.

Boku Checkout

Built for web based merchants, Boku Checkout is a turn-key payment panel that works in any browser and dynamically displays Pay by Mobile options from hundreds of mobile operators all over the world.

How it works


Boku Direct

Built on the highest degree of trust, Boku Direct enables qualified merchants to integrate carrier billing functionality directly into their billing system. That means once the phone number is saved, merchants can freely process payments using their own branded checkout flow for both one time or recurring payments. Boku fades into the background while giving customers a Pay by Mobile experience that is frictionless and invisible.

How it works



Accept mobile payments today; see more sales tomorrow.

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Carriers choose Boku
because we deliver greater scale

Boku and ZainWhy does scale matter? Because a payment network needs scale to function effectively. Boku’s mission to acquire the biggest merchants, build the biggest infrastructure, and invest in the biggest innovations has provided carrier partners the kind of scale that a global payment network needs to succeed.

Scale means efficiency

Boku’s scale has led to superior efficiency. Carriers who work with us don’t need to waste time and money managing multiple partners. A single connection into Boku will deliver all the best merchants. Google Play? Check. Sony PlayStation Store? Of course. Facebook App Center? Since 2009. The new Windows Store for Windows 10? First to launch. Whether it’s the world’s most popular PC game, League of Legends, or the world’s most popular music subscription service, Spotify — Boku has integrated the most valuable merchant opportunities onto a single platform to give carriers a truly efficient one-stop shop.
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Scale means reliability

Boku’s scale has led to an operational infrastructure that is simply unmatched in our industry. A dedicated 24/7 network operations center that works in tandem with technical support offices located on three continents.watch_coffee_shop_video Multiple redundant data centers operating in active/active mode. This means even carriers with the most demanding payment volumes know they can rely on Boku.

Scale means innovation

Boku’s scale has led to millions invested in research and development, dozens of patents filed, and ground breaking pilot projects taking place all over the world. Looking ahead, Boku is already pioneering new applications in carrier billing for prepaid vouchers, ticketing, gambling, food and beverage, and even physical e-commerce. download_whitepaper Boku’s unwavering commitment to popularize carrier billing for everything and everyone means carriers who work with Boku will have a partner dedicated to actively growing their business and this industry for years to come.