Boku Can Reach More
New Customers Than
Facebook or Visa

Boku’s platform brings merchants and mobile operators together to transform 5B mobile phone subscribers into the world’s largest assembly of customers

Unlocking the power of mobile partnerships

Mobile operators want to offer more than just voice and data – they want to provide subscribers with a better, more valuable mobile experience.  Merchants want more than just advertising – they want to provide customers with a simple, painless journey from discovery to trial to purchase.

Merchants provide the value added services mobile operators need to enrich their offerings.  Boku connects merchants and mobile operators to build innovative ways of unlocking this natural synergy.

potential users

Sitting at the intersection of marketing and payments

A mobile number is more than just a way to make a phone call.  With Boku, a mobile number can be a user identity, a digital address,Minimise the Cost of Acquisition and a payment method, all at the same time.  Boku’s unique platform allows mobile operators and merchants to rapidly design, scale, and operate programmes aimed at giving mobile subscribers a best-in-class experience for discovering, activating, and purchasing new services. By providing access to a global network of mobile operators and their subscribers, Boku offers merchants a powerful channel with which to acquire and retain new users. These value added services, in turn, deepen the commercial relationship mobile operators have with their subscribers.

How it works

A full end-to-end programme starts by promoting the merchant’s service across the various communication channels a mobile operator maintains with its subscribers: web portals, mobile apps, retail stores, email communications, SMS alerts, etc.

Once a subscriber signals interest in a promotion, their mobile number can be used to activate and trial the service from any device.  If the subscriber chooses to make a purchase or start a paid subscription, the charges can be handled by their mobile operator through the same mobile account used to purchase voice and data services. It is an elegant, simple approach that starts and ends with the mobile number.

Products and Services

Depending on our clients’ needs, Boku offers several different solutions for implementing or optimising merchant-operator partnerships.

Boku Merchant Solutions

Boku Acquire

Mobile provisioning for operator led user acquisition

Boku Account

Mobile authentication for frictionless user activation

Boku Checkout

Carrier commerce for comprehensive user monetization

Boku Operator Solutions

Boku Connect

Tools and resources for faster integration into digital retail channels

Boku Optimise

Analytics and programmes for achieving higher revenue and lower risk