Connecting with today’s mobile first consumer

We come from many different countries. We work in many different countries – 29 at last count. We support many different payment methods.
We are many. But we are also one.

Together Boku people work to help our customers to achieve their goals. Together we work to sell to new customers. Together we solve problems for our merchants. It is the very diversity of Boku — with people situated all around the world coming from different cultures, with different experiences and backgrounds, beliefs and orientations – that gives us our strength. Because Boku people are all around the world, we can serve our customers better. Because we come from different countries, we can understand our customers’ requirements better. And these things make us a better company. Diversity at Boku is not just some buzzword or bolt- on, dreamt up to make us look good in the Annual Report. It is who we are. It is our edge.

Our track record of local payments innovation


Boku is founded and pioneers the use of carrier billing for web gaming in more than 70 markets


Boku begins accepting payments from its first mobile wallet integration: GCash from the Philippines


Boku adds support for recurring payments with its first subscription merchant: Spotify


Boku adds support for console gaming with its launch in the Sony PlayStation Store


Boku launches first subscriptions solution for Spotify


Boku adds support for app stores across Apple iOS, Google Play, and Windows 10


Boku adds support for payment linked marketing programs, bundling Apple Music with wireless plans offered by EE


Boku goes IPO and debuts as BOKU.L on the London Stock Exchange


Boku acquires Danal to add mobile identity & authentication capabilities


Boku acquires Fortumo and adds a major European technology center in Estonia


Boku launches recurring payments on mobile wallets with Netflix in Southeast Asia


Boku adds support for real-time payments with its first digital advertising merchant: Meta


Boku begins its global partnership with Amazon by launching its first set of mobile wallets for Amazon Prime

Meet Boku’s Team

Jon Prideaux

Keith Butcher

Adam Lee

Mark Stannard

Chris Newton-Smith

Stuart Neal

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