Boku Partners with Local Payment Solution PayPay

Boku is pleased to announce a partnership with PayPay, Japan’s leading eWallet and QR code payment service. This partnership allows Boku merchants to offer the PayPay payment service through their existing connection and reinforces Boku’s commitment to enable its merchants to acquire new paying users by providing simple access to the best local payment options available.

PayPay and Boku have partnered together to offer a ‘card-like’ experience to Japanese consumers for the PayPay eWallet.  PayPay users will be able to place their eWallet ‘on-file’ enabling AppStore, Game Console and digital OTT subscription services to take advantage of functionality traditionally associated with cards.

Yoshitaka Ito, Deputy Division Head, Sales Group Online Sales Division of PayPay, commented, “Through a partnership with PayPay, which has been enabling and accelerating the adoption of cashless payments in Japan, and Boku, a world-leading payment service provider, we are delighted to be able to provide more merchants and consumers with the convenience of cashless payments.”

Mark Stannard, Chief Business Officer of Boku Payments, commented, “The growing acceptance of eWallets is helping merchants and consumers make mobile transactions simpler. We are immensely pleased to partner with PayPay in achieving this goal and delivering value to their 28 million users.”

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