Boku Integrates Kcell for Google Payments

Boku and Kcell, the largest mobile operator in Kazakhstan, have announced the launch of the first-ever mobile operator integration into the new Google Standard Payments platform, which enables a number of payment types on a global basis. This integration will allow mobile subscribers to pay for digital goods through Google’s Play Store, using their mobile phone number.

Mobile Operators are required to complete the upgrade to the latest payment specifications in order to take advantage of new functionality, including an upgraded synchronous payment API, real-time account updates, API-based settlement, and real-time fraud notifications. These upgrades will increase payment conversion rates whilst reducing fraud, resulting in greater profitability for both mobile operators and Google, with lower back office costs, thanks to upgraded settlement reporting.

With extensive experience integrating mobile operators into Google payments infrastructure, Boku ensures both that the integration is expedient, painless, and optimized for ongoing success. Boku supports mobile operators on the Google Standard payments platform with marketing, customer support, and program optimization services, along with business intelligence and reporting capabilities.

“We’re thrilled to have completed the first mobile operator integration to the Google Standard Payments platform,” said Mark Stannard, Chief Business Officer, Payments, Boku Inc. “Mobile subscribers around the world need access to carrier billing so they can purchase apps through Google Play, and we’re happy to make that possible.”

Yuri Kharlamov, CEO, Kcell JSC, “We are excited to be the first mobile operator in the world to complete the integration to Google’s new payments platform. Simplifying payments for nearly 80% of our customers using Android devices in the Google Play Store and beyond represents another opportunity for us to deliver more value to subscribers. Boku was the clear choice to complete this integration due to their experience and expertise with mobile payment connections to the biggest digital marketplaces in the world.”

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