Local payment methods will reach 58% of all ecommerce transaction value globally by 2028

This reflects massive growth and expansion of ecommerce markets across the world, and changes in how the world is choosing to pay. Progress will be different across markets, influenced by different starting points, macro-economic factors, and demographics.

In our report we forecast ecommerce payment trends, and hear from consumers themselves

10,500 people were surveyed in 14 countries to give in-depth analysis on the underlying reasons why people choose to pay the way they do; and want they expect from merchants next. By 2028, almost 37% of all individuals globally will actively use local payment methods.

The 2024 Boku Global Ecommerce Report features data from 37 countries across Asia Pacific, Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa, India and the Middle East:

  • Key market statistics
  • Ecommerce and GDP growth forecasts
  • Regional and country eCommerce payment trends & forecasts
  • Local payment method analysis

Regional summaries and local recommendations mean this report will help you understand which payment methods are going to be most important for your acceptance strategy.

2024 Global Ecommerce Report

The Changing World of PaymentsChanging World of Payment

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