Webinar on Ecommerce Payment Trends for 2024 and Beyond

Following the launch of Boku’s global research report ‘2024 Global Ecommerce Report: The Changing World of Payments’ last month, we hosted a live webinar alongside Juniper Research to discuss the global trends in ecommerce payments.

The webinar was hosted by Nick Maynard, VP of Fintech Market Research at Juniper Research alongside Stuart Neal, CEO at Boku, Adam Lee, Chief Product Officer at Boku and Mark Stannard, Chief Business Officer at Boku. Together, we deliver a lively and engaging conversation about what’s driving these macro payment trends and how local and regional payment options and preferences differ across the globe.

Webinar Overview:

·      Introduction to the research and methodology

·      Key findings and results

·      The growth of Local Payment Methods (LPMs)

·      The decline of traditional card networks

·      An increase in diverse payment options

·      Regional variations in payment trends for 2028

Watch now the on-demand replay of our webinar below:

The research surveyed 10,500 consumers and analyzed data from 37 major markets across the globe to identify global, regional and country specific trends in ecommerce payments.

Some of the key trends discussed during the webinar include the significant decline in direct card payments share of checkout for ecommerce transactions - forecast to account for just 30% of transactions by volume in 2028 (down from 41% in 2023).

In contrast, local payment methods will represent 53% of all ecommerce transactions globally by volume in 2028. And it’s A2A payments that are set to become the fastest growing local payment method within ecommerce - forecast to more than double and account for 18% of all ecommerce transactions by volume by 2028 globally (up from 8% in 2023).

To find out more about how the world pays online - and how it’s set to change, download the full report now.

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