Podcast Episode on The Rise of Alternative Payments

If you were a child of the 80’s, growing up, your payment options would have been Visa and Mastercard, often American Express, sometimes Discover, and, on rare occasions, Diners Club. Shout out to those of you who remember that. 

Today, as global card schemes continue to lose share of checkout, it’s more important than ever for merchants across the world to offer customers local payment methods, such as digital wallets, account-to-account payments and direct carrier billing. By giving customers the freedom to pay the way they want to - conveniently and seamlessly via their mobile - merchants ensure both transaction growth and brand loyalty.

On behalf of Boku, I was invited to join podcast host Kevin Rosenquist for an episode of SoarPayment’s PayPod payments & fintech podcast.

We discussed how the rise of alternative and local payment methods are reshapingthe financial landscape.

In the episode, we explore:

• The transformative power of real-time payment support

• How Boku is leading the charge in revolutionizing payment systems globally, making transactions faster and more secure

• My commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace

• Strategies for empowering women in the business world

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