Many ecommerce merchants, including Fortune 500 companies, are embracing a shift towards local payment methods. This change is driven by the evolving payment landscape and consumers' payment preferences. Our recent 2024 Global Ecommerce Report found that across the world, consumers are accepting local payment methods, en masse. By 2028, card-based payments, including card-linked wallets, are expected to account for merely 41%of global ecommerce payment value.

However, choosing to accept more payment methods and how to accept them are two different challenges. Digital merchants are asking themselves: Are local payment methods necessary? And, how do we ensure that the chosen methods meet our business and customers’ needs?

In partnership with Payment Cards and Mobile, we cover the important aspects of accepting local payment methods.

Download the white paper for insights into:

·      How has the payments landscape changed?

·      When does it make sense to implement local payment methods in your checkout?

·      How to choose the best local payment methods?

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